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Treatments of Cancer
Types of Cancer
Mr. John Santopadre (in picture) - One of the top entrepreneurs in New Orleans!  Started in the show business and succeeded as one of the top businessmen in New Orleans! 

Ms. Penny Killeen - A woman that will never be forgotten in the eyes of the Maggio family.  Thank you Penny for helping us with everything.  Now that you've joined your son, you can rest now!
Causes of Cancer
Other Cancer Hospitals
Mayo Clinic is a non-profit medical practice based in Rochester, Minnesota. Its headquarters, the Mayo Medical School and its research facilities are in Rochester in addition to hospitals and clinics in Jacksonville, Florida and Phoenix, Arizona. Mayo Clinic partners with a number of smaller clinics and hospitals in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin, an organization known as the "Mayo Health System".

For historical reasons, the institution is referred to as "Mayo Clinic", rather than "The Mayo Clinic" or "Mayo's Clinic." As the clinic started as a single small outpatient facility.

Mayo Clinic pays medical doctors a fixed salary that is unaffected by patient volume. Salaries are determined instead by the marketplace salaries for physicians in comparable large group practices.

Mayo Clinic evolved from the frontier practice of Dr. William Worrall Mayo and his two sons, William James Mayo (18611939) & Charles Horace Mayo (18651939). Dr. William Worrall Mayo emigrated from Salford, United Kingdom, to the United States in 1846 and became a doctor.

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