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Causes of Cancer
Viruses can help to cause some cancers.  But this does not mean that these cancers can be caught like an infection.  What happens is that the virus can cause genetic changes in cells that make them more likely to become cancerous.

These cancers and viruses are linked
    * Cervical cancer and the genital wart virus, HPV   
    * Primary liver cancer and the Hepatitis B virus    
    * T cell leukaemia in adults and the Human T cell leukaemia virus

There will be people with primary liver cancer and with T cell leukaemia who haven't had the related virus.  But infection may increase their risk of getting that particular cancer.  With cervical cancer, scientists now believe that everyone with an invasive cervical cancer will have had an HPV infection beforehand.

Many people can be infected with a cancer-causing virus, and never get cancer.  The virus only causes cancer in certain situations.  Many women get a high risk HPV infection, but never develop cervical cancer.  Another example is Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). These are some facts about this common virus

    * Most people are infected with EBV      
    * People who catch it late get glandular fever but this does not cause cancer      
    * In sub-Saharan Africa, EBV infection and repeated attacks of malaria together cause a cancer called Burkitt's lymphoma that affects children      
    * In China, EBV infection (together with other unknown factors) causes naso-pharyngeal cancer      
    * In AIDs patients and transplant patients EBV can cause lymphoma      
    * In the UK, about 4 out of 10 cases of Hodgkin's disease seem to be related to EBV infection.