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Top cancer hospitals take your money & get your hopes up! Without cancer, no hospitals!
Mr. John Santopadre (in picture) - One of the top entrepreneurs in New Orleans!  Started in the show business and succeeded as one of the top businessmen in New Orleans! 

Ms. Penny Killeen - A woman that will never be forgotten in the eyes of the Maggio family.  Thank you Penny for helping us with everything.  Now that you've joined your son, you can rest now!
Causes of Cancer
Cancer experts estimate that changes to our diet could prevent about one in three cancer deaths in the UK.  In the western world, many of us eat too many animal fats and not enough fresh fruit and vegetables.  This type of diet is known to increase your risk of cancer.  But how exactly we should alter our diets is not clear.  There is more about this in the page on diet causing cancer.

Sometimes foods or food additives are blamed for directly causing cancer and described as 'carcinogenic'.  This is often a distortion of the truth.  Sometimes a food is found to contain a substance that can cause cancer but in such small amounts that we could never eat enough of it to do any harm.  And some additives may actually protect us.  There is more about food additives in the page on diet causing cancer.