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Top cancer hospitals take your money & get your hopes up! Without cancer, no hospitals!
Mr. John Santopadre (in picture) - One of the top entrepreneurs in New Orleans!  Started in the show business and succeeded as one of the top businessmen in New Orleans! 

Ms. Penny Killeen - A woman that will never be forgotten in the eyes of the Maggio family.  Thank you Penny for helping us with everything.  Now that you've joined your son, you can rest now!
Causes of Cancer
By this we mean what is around you each day that may help to cause cancer.  This could include

    * Tobacco smoke      
    * The sun      
    * Natural and man made radiation      
    * Work place hazards      
    * Asbestos

Some of these are avoidable and some aren't.  Most are only contributing factors to causing cancers - part of the jigsaw puzzle that scientists are still trying to put together.  There is more about this in the page on causes of cancer in the environment .