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Cancer Treatments
Top cancer hospitals take your money & get your hopes up! Without cancer, no hospitals!
Mr. John Santopadre (in picture) - One of the top entrepreneurs in New Orleans!  Started in the show business and succeeded as one of the top businessmen in New Orleans! 

Ms. Penny Killeen - A woman that will never be forgotten in the eyes of the Maggio family.  Thank you Penny for helping us with everything.  Now that you've joined your son, you can rest now!
Causes of Cancer
Most types of cancer become more common as we get older.  This is because the changes that cause a cell to become cancerous in the first place take a long time to develop.  There have to be a number of changes to the genes within a cell before it turns into a cancer cell.  The changes can happen by accident when the cell is dividing.  Or they can happen because the cell has been damaged by carcinogens and the damage is then passed on to future 'daughter' cells when that cell divides.  The longer we live, the more time there is for us to accumulate these genetic mistakes in our cells.

Let's face it!  We're born as babies, learn to crawl then walk!  We feed with the help of others until we learn how to feed ourselves. As we go through life, struggle to survive in some cases, we're living to die!  Once we get older, to that age of not being able to walk, it seems like life is a hill or mountain.  We struggle to climb to the top, just to fall to the bottom of the other side.  Why is life like this?  We'll never know or will we?

Life = Death!
Baby = learn = climb = live = mid life = go back down = fall = need help = die!
This is the simple equation of life!  No getting around it!