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Top cancer hospitals take your money & get your hopes up! Without cancer, no hospitals!
Mr. John Santopadre (in picture) - One of the top entrepreneurs in New Orleans!  Started in the show business and succeeded as one of the top businessmen in New Orleans! 

Ms. Penny Killeen - A woman that will never be forgotten in the eyes of the Maggio family.  Thank you Penny for helping us with everything.  Now that you've joined your son, you can rest now!
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While on your visit, take a break and go shopping for those clothes that you've always wanted!  Life is too short, especially when you never know when he's going to pull the plug!  Find the time to get things off your mind just relax and take it easy! > While on your visit, find a shopping mall near your hospital or clinic.  Enjoy your life and take a little time out to go shopping! > Find a department store near your clinic and take a little break on life!  With cancer in the picture, anything to take your mind off of it will help! Enjoy the life you live right now!