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Carcinogens > is something that can help to cause cancer.  Tobacco smoke is a powerful carcinogen.

Age > Most types of cancer become more common as we get older.  This is because the changes that cause a cell to become cancerous in the first place take a long time to develop.

Genetic make up > There have to be a number of genetic mutations within a cell before it becomes cancerous.  Sometimes we are born with one of these mutations already.

The immune system > People who have problems with their immune systems are more likely to get some forms of cancer.

Diet >  Cancer experts estimate that changes to our diet could prevent about one in three cancer deaths in the UK.  In the western world, many of us eat too many animal fats and not enough fresh fruit and vegetables.

Day to day environment > By this we mean what is around you each day that may help to cause cancer.

Viruses > Viruses can help to cause some cancers.  But this does not mean that these cancers can be caught like an infection.
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